How It Works

How-it-works-page-photoIf you live in New York, Long Island, or Westchester and need dental ormedical care during the COVID-19 period, Virtual House Call Doctors NYC offers convenient, world-class24/7 care, beginning with a FREE online screening.
Receive a free online doctor screening and superb medical and dental care at virtual house call docs nyc!

How does Virtual House Call Doctors NYC work?

Utilizing telemedicine, Virtual House Call Doctors NYC offers an alternative to the traditional medical setting so both patients and doctors can safely avoid inadvertent exposure to the COVID-19 virus. It allows us to offer care from any place, at any time.

Our team is comprised of some of the best doctors, dentists, and surgeons in the following areas of expertise:


  • Emergency medicine
  • Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Hand Surgery
  • Infectious Disease
  • Internal medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Plastic surgery
  • Ear, nose & throat
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • OB/GYN
  • Pulmonary medicine


  • Oral & maxillofacial surgery
  • General dentistry
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Orthodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Prosthodontics

And more specialties to come….

Our comprehensive array of also includes new prescriptions or refills.

Enjoy convenient world class, real time care – 24/7!

When an in-person visit is needed in New York, Westchester, or Long Island, it will be done in a safe and contained environment to keep patients without COVID-19 symptoms out of overcrowded emergency rooms and urgent care centers.

To begin the simple process, contact us for a FREE telemedicine screening to assess your condition by texting us at 646-520-0628. Or, you can fill out the simple form on our website. We’ll then schedule a call in whatever manner is most convenient to you, including the easy-to-use telemed app.

If the outcome of the free screening results in the need for a more thorough consultation or an in-person visit, you’ll have three convenient options:

  1. Obtain a comprehensive telemedicine consultation.
  2. A house call will be made by a doctor to your home.
  3. A doctor will meet you at his or her office to address your medical or dental need.

Contact Virtual House Call Doctors NYC today for your FREE screening!

Text us at 646-520-0628 or fill out the simple form on this website to receive your FREE Telemedicine Screening. We’ll promptly respond and assess your condition through our convenient, safe and secure call center to find the best online doctor for you.

Let’s all stay healthy, but continue to obtain necessary medical care for our families, all from the comfort and safety of our homes.

Contact the best docs on call today…at Virtual House Call Doctors NYC.

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